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Precision Refractory Services has recently expanded its operations by opening a new facility in Baytown, TX, spanning an impressive 23,000 square feet. This strategic location on US I-10, just outside Houston, offers convenient access to key Gulf Coast regions and facilitates efficient shipping opportunities.

The facility boasts a wide range of capabilities, making it a valuable asset to various industries. Among its offerings are flares, which are crucial for the safe disposal of excess gases in industries like petrochemicals and oil refining. Additionally, the facility produces side valves that control fluid flow within industrial processes, ensuring efficiency and safety. Precision Refractory Services is also known for its expertise in installing refractory linings in pipes and ducts, providing exceptional resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. They design and fabricate regen air grid systems, essential for various applications. Moreover, the facility manufactures burner tiles used in industrial heating processes, ensuring efficient combustion and heat transfer.

For industries with specific requirements, Precision Refractory Services offers tailored solutions in the form of precast shapes. These precast refractory shapes provide precision and reliability in challenging environments. Additionally, the facility specializes in sulfur recovery unit (SRU) brick linings, a critical component in the sulfur processing of the oil and gas industry. Precision Refractory Services extends its capabilities to the production of heater and furnace wall panels, crucial components in industrial heating equipment. They also provide fireproofing solutions for structural components and vessels, enhancing safety in industrial settings. We offer material testing services to ensure that we meet stringent quality and performance standards for all our products.

In addition to these capabilities, the facility manufactures TLE (Thermal Light End) cones, vital for the distillation process within refineries. This comprehensive range of offerings positions Precision Refractory Services as a one-stop solution provider for industries requiring refractory and industrial equipment solutions. With its strategic location and unwavering commitment to quality, the company stands ready to serve clients across the Gulf Coast region and beyond, actively enhancing the efficiency and safety of various industrial processes.


  • Flares

  • Side valves

  • Refractory-lined pipes and ducts

  • Regen air grid systems

  • Burner tiles

  • Precast shapes

  • SRU brick linings

  • Heater/furnace wall panels

  • Fireproofing – structural, vessels

  • Material testing

  • TLE cones