Our Advantage


Precision Refractory dedicates itself to the uncompromising goal of achieving zero incidents. Anything less is simply unacceptable to us. We recognize that safety is not just a priority, but a fundamental value that underpins our safety practice and everything we do. Our commitment to safety extends beyond mere compliance with regulations; it is deeply ingrained […]


Precision Refractory Services relies on XLerator, its proprietary program management software, for real-time data reporting and cost monitoring. XLerator’s logic-based approach and standard cubic foot data format enhance auditability and comprehensive business tracking. XLerator empowers businesses with the ability to report real-time data, ensuring they have access to the most current information regarding their operations. […]


Precision Refractory Services has recently made a significant expansion by inaugurating a brand-new 23,000 square foot facility in Baytown, TX. This strategic move aims to position the company advantageously on US I-10, just outside of Houston, providing unparalleled accessibility to key Gulf Coast locations and shipping opportunities. The new facility’s design reflects a forward-thinking approach, […]