Precision Refractory’s executive management team is a true differentiator in the industry. With decades of experience, our management team embodies leadership and dedication. They are innovative thinkers and doers, who understand training and elevating employees are paramount in providing the safest and most reliable soft-craft services available.

Bruce Bartlett

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Bruce is a graduate of Bridgewater State University with a B.A. in Mathematics, high honors in Accounting, Bentley College—Certified Public Accountant.

He also served in the United States Naval Reserves for six years.

Brandon Munn


Brandon Munn, a graduate of Louisiana State University, has dedicated decades to the industrial services arena. Throughout his professional journey, Munn has contributed to the growth and advancement of industrial contracting enterprises across the United States and the Caribbean. One of his outstanding achievements lies in cultivating a robust safety culture within his business units, emphasizing the utmost importance of protecting the well-being of his team members. Recognizing the value of exceptional leadership, Munn is committed to attracting and retaining top-tier supervisors and managers to lead his teams. He firmly believes in the active involvement of his senior management team in all aspects of daily operations, with time spent on location with customers and employees.

Dylan Fulton

Senior Vice President

Dylan Fulton, a distinguished alumnus of Louisiana State University, boasts a wealth of industrial service experience. Over the years, he has excelled in diverse roles encompassing safety, marketing, operations and administration. Fulton’s impact leaves a positive imprint on those he encounters. Notably, he has been instrumental in bolstering a safety culture and fostering an environment where the well-being of others takes precedence. Fulton’s leadership has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of the organizations he has been affiliated with, driving them toward new heights of success.

Nathan Dagley

Vice President Tech Services

Nathan Dagley, a Texas A&M University College of Engineering graduate, brings years of experience in the industrial heavy mechanical construction and turnaround industry. He recognizes the importance of effective communication and places it at the forefront of our business operations. Dagley firmly believes that good communication is a vital foundation for the safety, engineering and operations groups to function harmoniously within their teams and in collaboration. By fostering an open and transparent communication culture, he ensures that our organization thrives, enabling seamless coordination and collaboration among various departments. Dagley’s emphasis on communication underscores his commitment to optimizing safety, enhancing engineering efficiency and achieving operational excellence within our company.

Landon Gabaldon

Division Director

Landon Gabaldon is a distinguished alum of Oklahoma State University, holding a degree in Chemical Engineering. With expertise in the petroleum refining sector, Gabaldon’s wealth of knowledge spans across various domains, including process engineering, project management, operations and commodities trading.

His profound comprehension of the intricacies of the industry, coupled with his unwavering dedication to safety and his genuine passion for working with people, has played a pivotal role in driving the exponential growth of Precision Refractory. Gabaldon’s visionary leadership and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in shaping the company’s success and securing its position as a leader in the ever-evolving petroleum refining landscape.

Nate Bumstead

HSE Division Director

Nate Bumstead, a Louisiana State University graduate, has a wealth of petrochemical industry experience. Starting his career with a prominent mechanical contractor, he steadily advanced to the position of Safety Supervisor at a major refining company. As a leader, Bumstead fosters a team-oriented approach, valuing collaboration and cooperation among his colleagues. His technical expertise as a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) further enhances his ability to drive safety initiatives effectively.

Bumstead firmly believes that sustainable safety excellence is achieved through the active engagement of employees and the establishment of trust within an organization. By prioritizing employee involvement and creating a culture of trust, he paves the way for a safer work environment and ensures the well-being of all team members. Bumstead’s dedication to building a solid safety foundation stems from his unwavering commitment to the values of employee engagement and trust-building within the organization.