Refractory Services

Serving the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries with over 100 years of combined major project and maintenance experience, the professionals at Precision Refractory pride themselves on working efficiently with a planned approach to turnaround projects. Precision is committed to a progressive safety culture.



Precision Refractory’s goal is ZERO incidents — anything less is unacceptable. The company is dedicated to a safety culture that empowers all levels, where the focus rests on the prevention of incidents not only on the job, but also away from work.


As with any project, proper planning is a key component for the overall success of the project.  Proven results occur when you partner with a business who truly knows the industry and creates an approach that assists every craft on the project to be more efficient. When this is done, a truly successful event can be acheived.


Precision Refractory Services is able to report real-time data with its proprietary program management software system — XLerator. This comprehensive software system allows for real-time cost tracking and monitoring and captures all of this data in a user-friendly database for future reference. Unlike many other systems, XLerator is logic based and can provide all of the data in a standard cubic foot basis. This makes the system easily auditable and can track all aspects of your business, so all costs can be monitored.

Management Team

Precisions's executive management team is a true differentiator in the industry. With decades of experience, our management team embodies leadership and dedication. They are innovative thinkers and doers, who understand training and elevating employees are paramount in providing the safest and most refractory services available.